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What are Bonding Curves

Bonding curves are a type of investment and filtration/curation mechanism designed to run natively on a blockchain as a smart contract. Therefore they allow for both speculation and investment, with the side-effect of early and reliable signaling of interesting deals.

They have been first proposed in 2018 and a large community of researchers and developers has emerged around the concept. Various companies have sprung up around the concept including ones working on funding pharmaceutical compounds, music labels based on extremely early filtration, and personal token fundraisers/banks.

The key attributes of bonding curves as an investment/speculation mechanism are:

Unlike equities, supply increases with investment. It is therefore of interest for companies which want to expand very rapidly and continuously (e.g. more branches, more features, etc)

Everyone knows exactly what price they can get at any point in time for their tokens.

Everybody knows what the price will be for every token based on how much money has been invested over time.

Tokens can be bought and sold from day one and they have no lockup/vesting period, making it possible for investors to redeploy capital quickly.

Anybody worldwide can invest and trade tokens. Certain restrictions can be applied if need be due to local regulations.

Why fundraise with
Bonding Curves

Most scalable companies which are of interest today aim for rapid growth. Often they need to time their features and plans in stages to match with the funding rounds. This is an artificial slowdown of expansion for these companies. Ironically, the traditional staged fundraising with multiple rounds has proven to be a major bottleneck and even competitive disadvantage for them.

Due to the configurability of the bonding curves it is possible to create any type of curve shape, to fit the specific goal/schedule/amount of the investment. Different curve configurations can be used for different industries.


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