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Innovative Cybersecurity Consulting.

Intelligent Investment Solutions.

Artillery One, Inc is a team of global experts building a new era of cyber-security, integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning and block-chain technologies delivering services, training and solutions which effectively and efficiently mitigate cyber-events and malicious attacks.


Senior management has a combined 100+ years’ experience in Cybersecurity, M&A, complex derivatives, risk management, capital formation, valuation, asset management and Special Operations.

Cyber Academy

is one of the first applied cybersecurity institutions in the SEE region that provides a hands-on technical education program in the fields of Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and AI.


is a highly effective and innovative cyber defense tool that was developed to detect, identify and eliminate cyber threats by turning networks into a complex labyrinth full of deceptive but highly realistic workstations and applications, baiting and containing malicious actors, while allowing legitimate traffic to bypass the labyrinth and safely access legitimate networks.


is an online cutting-edge education platform training for cyber professionals, providing staffing and HR services, and product placement for tech vendors. The platform teaches cybersecurity by emulating real world environments.


is a SaaS based tool that integrates and streamlines security testing processes by automating threat testing, alerting and reporting.  Paper based reporting is replaced with a web portal that accesses real time system security status.



Sentry is a cybersecurity company specialized in security testing and cyber defense solutions. Sentry provides NIST and OWASP Compliant Security Testing as well as cutting edge approaches to threat modelling and adversarial simulations in order to strengthen cybersecurity posture for products, services, and infrastructure. The company specializes in innovative product development in the fields of SAAS, Blockchain, and professional education.

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